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During the course of pursuing their educational dreams at the ICT campus the students should be aware that there are many devoted and enthusiastic people, and services available at ICT to help them through their challenging circumstances and enhance their flair to succeed. I am confident ICT will continue to value education with as much rigor as it has in the past.

ETC at ICT is committed in its role of providing the best resources possible to produce men and women of competence and caliber who would power the industrial growth of the country as well as the growth of science and technology capabilities to the nation’s advantage. The elite stature of ETC is further enhanced by a revived commitment to excellence in the creation of new knowledge banks and by delivering bracing solutions that address the challenges faced by ICT. On behalf of the ETC , I encourage the students, to contemplate upon their aspirations and how to best accomplish their dreams.

At this time, more than ever, should all of us be geared up to seize upon our educational assets for the purpose of innovation, for both personal and organizational goals. If we can be successful in shoring up our collective ability to adapt and innovate, we will emerge much stronger and more productive. I would encourage one and all to tour this website for an enriching educational experience and to learn more about our departments, and what we have to offer you.

I hope every last one will join me in sharing, the pride for our accomplishments with in this short span, and an optimism about what lies ahead for us in the future.

I wish you all the very best."

Robin Rohit Vincent
Head of Centre

Centre News & Events

  • Cyber Extortion and Network Security Seminar

    By ETC With inputs from Ms. Ledilyn D. Tinio Posted: 28/05/2017

    Now a days, cyber-crimes are rampantly ravaging industries and organizations that might compromise an individual or organization’s data and network security and may result to loss of money and important resources. Educational institutions like Ibra College of Technology should lead the awareness campaign among citizens especially the youth. read more

  • Team Building Activity 2017

    By ETC With inputs from Ms. Ledilyn D. Tinio Posted: 07/02/2017

    "Communication is a key to teamwork", the theme for this year’s team building activity, ETC once again, set a day for building effective relationships within the team and improving team spirit. read more

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