BAAC2100 - Principles of Accounting 2
BAAC2100 Principles of Accounting2 3 Credit Hours
Prerequisites None
Goal This course will refresh students' information about Principles of Accounting (1) and the basics of Accounting principles and concepts, and will give the students the opportunity to implement accounting techniques, standards, methods, and procedures is necessary to equip them with the necessary tools for accounting practice.
Objectives Outcomes
  1. This course discusses the preparation of full financial statements.
  2. Understanding the purchases and sales transaction and the relevant issues on this regards.
  3. This course also explains the different methods of evaluation the stocks.
When students finish with this course; they should be able to deal with the following issues:

  1. Understanding the meaning and importance of the final accounts.
  2. Being able to deal with purchases and sales transaction, returns, allowances, and discount.
  3. Understanding the assets deprecation using the most common methods.
  4. Being able to be familiar with the stock evaluation methods, significance, and accounting treatment.
  5. Being able to record the transactions for acquiring and selling the securities; shares and bonds.