BAAC2203 - Auditing and Control I
BAAC2203 Auditing and Control - I 3 Credit Hours
Prerequisites BAAC2100
Goal The aim of this course is to extend students knowledge in auditing and control and disseminate them the audit process from the planning stage to audit reporting stage and techniques used to understand the external auditing procedures.
To provide the students with an understanding of :

  1. Errors and irregularities generally noticed in financial recording.
  2. Internal control structure of a firm.
  3. Making audit program and its implementations in order to achieve the audit goals.
The students should be able to:

  1. Understand errors and fraudulent manipulation in accounting books of a firm.
  2. Know the generally accepted accounting principles and generally accepted auditing standards.
  3. Understand about the duties and responsibilities of an auditor and different types of audit.
  4. know how to make audit program and planning and what should include in audit program
  5. Understand the internal control and its type.
  6. Examination of vouchers and invoices and similar documents as taken as evidence for business transactions.