BAAC2204 - Management of Accounting I
BAAC2204 Management of Accounting I 3 Credit Hours
Prerequisites None
  1. To introduce the students to management accounting, which is concerned with the information necessary for planning, control, and decision making, the emphasis has to be given to the techniques used for these purposes.
  2. To introduce students to real world practices and issues where management faces a variety of cases with different possibilities and probabilities.
This course will enable the students to be exposed to the theory as well as the experience associated with Management Accounting techniques and practices. When students finish with this course should be able to deal with the following issues:

  1. Familiar with the management accounting methods and techniques.
  2. Being able to deal with real world problems and issues of management accounting.
  3. Being able to face the requirements of the decision making process and appreciate the nature of the information necessary for each kind.
  4. Being able to calculate the outcome of different kinds of decisions in a variety circumstances.
  5. Being able to deal with techniques like the budgeting and budgetary control, cash budget, Break Even Point Analysis, Decision Making, and variance Analysis Techniques