BAFI3211 - Banking Theory and Practice
BAFI3211 Banking Theory and Practice 3 Credit Hours
Prerequisites None
Goal To introduce the students to the basic fundamentals of banking and to enable them to have knowledge of banking business and practices.
The course will enable students to develop an understanding of the banking concepts and operations. The students should be able to:

  1. Recognize the common terminology used in banking sector and to have an understanding of the classifications of banks.
  2. Recognize the role and functions of central bank.
  3. Analyze the features and functions of commercial banks.
  4. Understand the banker-customer relationship and security features of banks in relationship with its clients.
  5. Differentiate between the different types of deposit accounts and understand its operation.
  6. Understand the features of various negotiable instruments in use.
  7. Understand the different types of loans and advances made by a banker to his customers.
  8. Develop the attributes of a professional banker.