BAHR3102 - Total Quality Management
BAHR3102 Total Quality Management 3 Credit Hours
Prerequisites BAMG 1207-Principles of Management
Goal To introduce students to the methods used to apply principles of total quality management (TQM) in various organizational settings to improve quality and productivity.
The course will enable students to:

  1. Understand Total Quality Management, its applications and components.
  2. They also will learn to apply all the concepts learned in this course to a TQM project directly applicable to real workplace situations.
The students should be able to:

  1. Define and apply TQM Concepts and principles
  2. Evaluate the requirements of TQM in an organization and form teams for implementations
  3. Develop data gathering models
  4. Conduct TQM presentations
  5. Evaluate the use of TQM initiatives, tools, and techniques in an organization
  6. Recognize the concept of benchmarking
  7. Define the meaning of ISO 9000
  8. Recognize the methodologies of continuous improvements, quality assessments, and quality control