BAHR3106 - Training and Development
BAHR3106 Training and Development 3 Credit Hours
Prerequisites None
Goal To provide students with a comprehensive practical approach of training and development in order to acquire both skills and knowledge of this important function of HRM
  1. The course will enable students to understand the strategic and tactical role of HRM training and development function.
  2. Students will become familiar with modern methods and techniques of training and development
The students should be able to:

  1. Recognize the role of training and development function in any organization.
  2. Experience and explore the training activities.
  3. Identify the current trends and issues in training and development.
  4. Differentiate between training and development and address their functions in modern organizations.
  5. Recognize the training challenges and suggest ways to face them.
  6. Apply downsizing strategies.
  7. Evaluate the training programs.
  8. Design training programs
  9. Work individually and in a team.