ENGL3100 - Public Speaking
ENGL3100 Public Speaking 3 Credit Hours
Prerequisites: ENGL 2100
Goal To introduce the student to the principles of public speaking to
foster critical thinking and to equip him/her with the skills necessary
for producing effective and credible presentations that are suitable
for their audiences and purposes.
The course should enable the student to:

  1. Understand the basic principles of public speaking
  2. Acquire the skills for performing different types of presentations suited to different audiences and purposes
  3. Understand the principles of informative speaking and persuasive speaking
  4. Be acquainted with the analysis of speeches
  5. Understand rhetorical sensitivity and critical thinking
The students should be able to:

  1. Develop skills in speech development strategies and delivery techniques
  2. Develop skills in rhetorical sensitivity and critical thinking
  3. Observe, analyze, critique, and provide feedback on developing speech forms
  4. Describe the basic principles of public speaking
  5. Organize an informative and persuasive speech
  6. Analyze audiences for the purpose of preparing speeches
  7. Prepare visual aids proper to the purpose of the speech
  8. Describe the different methods of persuasion
  9. Perform an introductory speech, a demonstration speech, an informative speech, a persuasive speech, and a special occasion speech
  10. Identify and define personal speaking styles to business, government, and industry functions