EECP3171 - Microprocessor Systems and Interfacing
EECP 3171 Microprocessor Systems and Interfacing 3 Credit Hours
Prerequisites: EECP 2270
Goal To provide students with an understanding of microprocessor-based systems and their use in instrumentation/control/communications and computing systems.
This course should enable the student to:

  1. Investigate microprocessor-based systems.
  2. Produce software for microprocessorbased system.
  3. Interface microprocessor-based system
A student who satisfactorily complete thecourse should be able to:

  1. Compare types of micro-processorbased systems,
  2. Investigate three typical applications of microprocessor-based systems,
  3. Design software to a given specification using a structured design techniques
  4. Write programs to implement designs using appropriate computer language
  5. Test software to ensure it meets the given specifications
  6. Interface external devices to a microprocessor-based system using a programmable parallel interface device
  7. Interface external devices to microprocessor-based system using programmable serial interface device
  8. Design and build a simple nonprogrammable parallel port
  9. Interface external devices to a microprocessor-based system using the parallel port.