ENGL2100 - Technical Communication
ENGL2100 Technical Communication 3 Credit Hours
Prerequisites ENTW1200 - Technical Writing II
Goal At the end of this course, the students will have learned to write on technical subjects for the practical needs of a special audience. They will also have learned to process information, objectively and persuasively, making use of information and communication technologies.
  1. Develop clear and accurate written and oral presentation of technical and scientific information.
  2. Promote critical thinking, continuous self- assessment and peer review.
  3. Encourage independent research skills.
  4. Prepare students for their professional environment.
At the end of the course, students should be able to:

  1. Analyze, synthesize, evaluate and interpret information and ideas.
  2. Write in a style appropriate to the technical purpose and audience.
  3. Identify and write various kinds of technical documents.
  4. Plan and manage short and long-term writing projects in terms of drafting, designing, revising and editing documents.
  5. Work with various writing technologies and electronic genres.
  6. Write collaboratively, providing peers with constructive feed back on their work.
  7. Develop effective style and tone, following businesses and technical writing skills.
  8. Analyze charts, graphs, specification, diagrams, etc. and respond orally and in writing.
  9. Design visually effective documents (e.g. layouts, formatting, incorporating graphics and visuals into documents)
  10. Prepare and deliver effective mixed media presentations.