MIEE2210 - Engineering Instrumentation & Industrial Control
MIEE2210 Engineering Instrumentation & Industrial Control 3 Credit Hours
Prerequisites PHYS1200, PHYS1210, MIEE2110
Goal To provide the student with full coverage of the principles and applications of instrumentation and industrial control
This course will prepare students who are able to:

  1. Understand the operation principles and characteristics of functional elements in engineering measurement systems.
  2. Perceive the principle of operation of control systems, open & closed, loop control system.
  3. Know how to maintain and test engineering measurement system.
The students should be able to:

  1. Define the functional elements of a typical measurement system.
  2. Identify various types of sensors and transducers.
  3. Be acquainted with all common analogue and digital devices for data presentation
  4. Distinguish between open and closed loop control systems.
  5. Define basic element of a control system.
  6. Be familiar with system control strategies and techniques used in engineering.
  7. Deal with all types of signal processing and conditioning
  8. Employ different control methods, which are suitable for different types of systems.
  9. Deal with operational amplifier controllers and programmable logic controllers.
  10. Determine the transfer function of open and closed loop control system
  11. Perform laboratory experiments on instrumentation with open and closed loop control systems.
  12. Maintain and test engineering measurements systems.
  13. Evaluate the performance of a given control system.