MIME2101 - Applied Mechanics I
MIME2101 Applied Mechanics I 3 Credit Hours
Prerequisites PHYS1200
Goal To provide the student with the basic knowledge that underlines the static's aspects of applied mechanics.
This course should enable the student to:

  1. Understand the laws and the principles that govern static.
  2. Perceive the basic concept in the field of this subject.
  3. Model and analyze static engineering problems.
  4. Lay the ground for various courses in engineering.
A student who satisfactorily complete the course should be able to:

  1. Recognize common equilibrium problems.
  2. Grasp the condition for transitional and rotational equilibrium and form the proper equation of equilibrium
  3. Use the pictorial representation of equilibrium situation in terms of free-body diagram.
  4. Realize the difference between equilibrium force and the resultant force.
  5. Distinguish between the various forces and stresses arising in a problem such as the internal, external, tensile, compressive, direct , shear and other loading conditions, etc.
  6. Define centroid, center of gravity and center of mass of a rigid body and appreciate their location and significances.
  7. Define moment of inertia of mass and area and grasping methods of computing each about any axis.
  8. Handle various structural problems and utilizing sections and joint methods.
  9. Distinguish between various types of friction.
  10. Analyze beams in terms of shearing forces and bending moment under various boundary conditions.
  11. Carry out laboratory experiment to verify the conditions of equilibrium of forces, analyze beams.