Best of Student Projects


Monitor and control of greenhouse environment using IoT View Abstract
IOT based Energy Monitoring and Management with Focus on Energy Bill View Abstract
Medical Modelling and 3D Printing of Implants and Surgical Guides View Abstract
Design and Fabrication of Semi-Automatic Car Washing Equipment for Rural Areas (villages) in Oman View Abstract
IOT based Energy Monitoring and Management with Focus on Energy Bill View Abstract
Voice Controlled Smart Home Using Arduino Mega Through WI-FI by Khalid Khamis Salim Al-Mahaijeri, Maya Hamad Salim Al-Azri, Shaima Hamood Mohammed Al-Habsi View Abstract
Design and Fabrication of Metal and Non-metal Separator by Majid Abdullah Alhajri , Azan Said Amar Alhajri, Rashid Said Alwhibi, Ahmed Salim Aljudili, Mana Obaid Aljudili, Nser Naser Alsaadi View Abstract
Motion Controller for Electronic Weapon Based on Microcontroller View Abstract
Fabrication of Hydraulic Table Lift View Abstract
Digital Protection of Power Transmission Lines in the Presence of Voltage Compensated Devices
Appliance Hand Truck View Abstract
Interior Design Project View Abstract
Color Sensing Robot using MATLAB View Abstract
Fabrication of Solar Tunnel View Abstract
Electric Two-Wheel Self-Balancing Personal Transport View Abstract
Automatic Detection and Information Sending System for Vehicle Accident Location and Vehicle Speed Monitoring (without RADAR) using GPS and GSM
Design and Fabrication of Automatic Can Crusher View Abstract
Modification in the Design and Fabrication of Chemical Mixer
CNC Programming, Simulation, and Machining of Dinosaur Skeletal Model
Grid Connected Hybrid Energy System
Vehicle Speed Monitoring System without RADAR
Customer and Company Oriented Novel Electrical Billing System without using Energy Meter by Abdullah Aamir Qais Al Shaibani, Abdullah Salim Sulaiman Al Musharrafi, Abdulrahman Abdullah Hilal Al Rashdi, Badr Hamad Abdullah Al-Brashdi View Abstract

Updated: 28/06/2021

Business Studies

Economic aspects of animal welfare - study on camels in Sultanate of Oman View Abstract
A study on impact of employee motivation on employee performance with special reference to schools in Ibra View Abstract
Effect of Firm Size in Risk and Return View Abstract
Financial Performance of Telecom Industry: A Comparative study of OMANTEL and OOREDOO by Zahra Rashid Hamdoon Al Ramimi & Rayya Saud Ahmed Al Shabibi View Abstract
A study on the impact of the Gross Domestic Product on Profitability of Commercial Banks in the Sultanate of Oman by Nadia Saif Nasser Al Habsi and Isra Hamed Humaid Al Zidi View Abstract
Impact of Psychological Contract on employee organizational relationship among academicians in the private colleges in the Sultanate of Oman by Samia Saeed Azzan Al Handhali and Hajar Rashid Hamad Al Harbi View Abstract
The Challenges faced by the owners of business in industrial zone (Al Rusayl Zone) by Majed Al Maskari and Mansoor Al Qanoubi
A Study on Determinants of Insurance Companies Performance in Oman by Abir Obaid Salim Al-Habsi, Amna Mohamed Rashid Al-Noufali, and Ibtisam Saif Abdullah Al-Hasini
Saving and Investment pattern of Omani Working Class People with special reference to Al-Sharqiyah North Governorate by Athari Musallam Juma'h AlHarbi, Ameera Khalfan Salim Al Shibli, and Niama Masoud Al Rashdi
A study on the Impact of Cultural Diversity at workplace with specific reference to Ibra College of Technology by Nasser Al-Ismaili, Khalil Al-Hassani, and Mustafa Al-Toubi View Abstract
Synopsis of the project titled "A study of emotional intelligence among employees of the STFA-HLG Joint Venture, Ibra by Juhaina Said Nasser Al-Kaabi and Sheikha Khamis Mohammad Al Jaafari View Abstract
A Comparative Study on Financial Performance of Oman United Insurance Company and Dhofar Insurance Company by Afrah Khamis Al-Masroori and Fatema Mohammed Al-Saadi View Abstract

Information Technology

Hall Booking System by Maryam Rabeeah Sultan Al-Yazeedi and Rahma Hilal Shames AL-Harthi View Abstract
Network design for Secured VPN using Windows server 2012 by Ahlaam Abdullah Saaid Al-Hamhaami, Ahmad Salim Mohammad Al-Maskari, Alyaa' Ali Mabrook Al-Barwani, and Ghalya Yahya Nassir Al-Hashmi View Abstract
ICT System Guide by Aziza Saif Al-Harthi, Fatma Saleh Al-Musharfi, and Tahani Abdullah Al-Aamri View Abstract
Improvement of Oman Investment & Finance Co. SAOG (OIFC) Network Design by Safa AL-Mahijri and Asma AL-Mahjari View Abstract
Al Noor Hospital Patient Monitoring System by Aziza Mubarak Al-Brashdi, Maryam Saif Al-Barashdi, Zakia Abdullah Al-Qassmi, Budoor Said Al-Habsi View Abstract
Software Installation Website by Jawaher saleh AL-Shuhaimi, Asma salim AL-Wahibi, Salma said AL-Mushaiki, and Khlood mohammed AL-Rajhi View Abstract
Blood Bank Management System by Faiza Nasser Al.sadi, Asma Ahmed al-habsi, and Badriya Abdullah al-rahabi View Abstract
Al Mafnood Flowers Online Shopping by Hanwa Hamid AL-Hakmani, Shayma Said AL-Ghilani, Waood Abdullah AL-Aamriya, and Alanoud Obaid AL-Hajri View Abstract
Online Jewelry Auction by Anam Saleh Al-Siyabi(36J1382), Zamzam Hamed Al-Agbari, Rahab Sulaiman Al-Siyabi, and Ahlam khalfan Al-Julandani View Abstract