English Language Centre

Dear students, It is my pleasure to welcome you to the English Language Center (ELC) at University of Technology and Applied Sciences - Ibra.

Since English is the medium of instructions at University of Technology and Applied Sciences - Ibra, ELC is aiming to improve students’ English proficiency, so you can join your academic specializations. This is fulfilled by enrolling you in well-structured and intensive English programs which are taught by highly qualified lecturers who are coming from more than sixteen countries. This gives you opportunities to be exposed to various teaching methods. Adding to this, ELC is equipped with technology in order to make teaching and learning more effective.

Besides the regular classes, ELC has various support services, namely: Writing Center, Academic Support Center Services spearheaded by the English Society, Tutorial Classes for students at risk, Reading Program, and MyELT which will assist you to develop your linguistic and communicative skills.

Last but not least, we will make all efforts and will provide all educational means to ease your learning experience at ELC and make it unforgettable. However, as a student in the college, you are expected to work hard and become independent learners, so you can achieve your goal and be eligible to join your academic specialization and eventually compete in the job market in the future."

Dr. Salim Saeed Salim Bani Orabah
Head of Centre


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UTAS-Ibra Won First Place at 4th Student National Symposium held at UTAS-Muscat UTAS-Ibra ELC is pleased to inform you that once again Writing Center is offering free review sessions for IELTS Writing to help our students prepare for the exam. English Language Centre 2022-2023 I
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