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Centre Activity

International Water Day 2021

19/04/2021 ELC-HSEC

HSEC at ELC conducted talk series for staff and students in the month of March, 2021. more...

ELC Staff Lunch Treat

26/01/2021 Asad Hussain

ELC Social Club arranged semester end lunch on Thursday, 14th January, 2021 in ELC Main Hall at 1 pm. more...

National Speech Contest

06/02/2021 ELC-RCC

ELC RCC conducted a National Speech Contest on 28-11-2020 in collaboration with English Society and Ibra Toastmasters Club. more...

‘Teaching Writing Using Internet Tools’- Webinar

06/02/2021 ELC-RCC

A webinar on ‘Teaching Writing Using Internet Tools’ was organized by UTAS-Salalah in collaboration with ELC RCC, UTAS-Ibra on 23-09-2020 with a view to familiarizing the teachers with various ways in which writing can be taught effectively online. more...

UTAS-Ibra Students compete in Speech Contest

24/12/2020 English Society

A speech contest for the 50th Oman National Day for UTAS-Ibra students was conducted via MS Teams on December 2, 2020. The contest was participated in by 13 students from different levels. .. more...

Teachers’ Day Celebration at ELC

03/03/2020 Mr. Asad Hussain

ELC Staff Social Club organized a gathering to celebrate Teachers’ Day. more...

Teachers’ Day Celebration at ELC

03/03/2020 by Mr. Asad Hussain

ELC Staff Social Club organized a gathering to celebrate Teachers’ Day. more...

SQU 4th International Conference on Language, Linguistics and Translation

19/02/2020 by Dr. CK

The Department of English Language and Literature, Sultan Qaboos University, Conducted a three-day International Conference on Language, ... more...

Toastmasters Speaking Workshop

06/02/2020 by Mr. Asad Hussain

Ibra Toastmasters Club facilitated the conduct of a speaking workshop for Level 1 students conducted by the English Language Society. more...

ELC Held A Semester End Buffet Lunch

23/12/2019 by Mr. Naimatullah Khan

To throw off exhaustion of the whole semester, ELC Staff Social Club, arranged End of Semester Lunch program... more...

Dr. Thuraya Khalifa Salim Al-Riyami Awarding ELC students listed in the "Dean's Honor List"

05/12/2019 by Dr. C. Kodhandaraman

ELC Foundation Program Students (levels 1,2,3, and 4) listed in the "Dean's Honor List" were awarded for ... more...

Technology Integrated in English Language Teaching

04/12/2019 by Asad Hussain

A research presentation entitled” Technology Integrated in English Language Teaching" was conducted ... more...

Use of Microsoft Office Workshop

01/12/2019 by Asad Hussain

A series of workshops entitled Using the Office Effectively in Teaching and Planning has been conducted ... more...

Speech Competition Day

01/12/2019 by Asad Hussain

The English Society of Ibra College conducted a speech contest in association with Ibra Toastmasters Club ... more...

Peer Tutoring Workshop

01/12/2019 by Asad Hussain

The Peer Tutoring Program was created to assist the students in their academic struggles. more...

ELC Celebrated 49th National Day

03/12/2019 by Asad Hussain

ELC celebrated 49th Oman National Day on Thursday, November 21, 2019. more...

Integrity Day at ELC

26/11/2019 by Asad Hussain

The ELC conducted an Academic Integrity day on November 19, 2019. ... more...

ELC conducts Policy Awareness Program for staff

- with inputs from Mr. Asad Hussain Posted: 25/09/2019

ELC Policy Awareness Program for the staff was organized on 24th of September at the ELC Main Hall for the Academic Year 2019-2020. read more...

ELC conducts an "Induction Program" for New Intake Students

- with inputs from Mr. Marwan Omar Mariam Posted: 19/09/2019

Student Guidance Committee conducted an Induction Program for new intake students (semester 1, AY 2019-2020) on Wednesday, the 18th of September, 2019 at the ELC main hall, Ibra College of Technology. read more...

ELC Staff Gathering

- with inputs from Mr. Naimatullah Khan Posted: 18/09/2019

A departmental gathering was arranged by the ELC Social Club in accordance with the directions and guidance of the ELC administration to welcome the ELC staff to the oncoming academic year last Thursday, 12/9/2019. read more...

ELC conducts Flipped Classroom Using Edpuzzle Training

- with inputs from Ms. Gladys L. Sulit Posted: 18/09/2019

A workshop entitled Flipped Classroom Using Edpuzzle was conducted on September 12, 2019 at the English Language Center by Ms. Mallika Banu Basheer Ahmed, an IT lecturer. read more...

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