University of Technology and Applied Sciences - Ibra

Code of Conduct

For any Educational Institution the most important pillars are the staff member. His/ her personality traits are used in the character building of the students with prime responsibility to inculcate knowledge in their students.

All staff members must be kind, patient and fair with the students. Staff members should also actively participate in the activities. He/ She shall especially:

Staff Code of Conduct

  • Performs his work with accuracy and integrity.
  • Keeps the dignity of the job and behaves properly.
  • Respect the timings of his work and dedicate such time for performing the duties according to the organization rules.
  • Follow all the instructions issued with accuracy and integrity within the limits of applicable laws, regulations and systems.
  • Supports the values of accuracy, fairness and honesty and therefore shall be committed to (1) Not to compromise on quality, (2) Academic integrity in all activities
  • Adheres to the provision of academic and professional environment, with respect to staff and students.
  • Observes Islamic culture and its core elements in all the college activities (Bylaws 92.1).
  • Respect the proceedings of the holy month of Ramadan and to refrain from activities like eating and drinking while at the college or in public view off-campus.
  • Dealing with colleagues and students with professionalism and respect.
  • Aware and follow the college bylaws.
  • Avoid giving private lessons under any name fully paid or unpaid.
  • Pay attention to office hours to guide the students and guide them on how to solve their problems.
  • Avoids smoking, which is strictly prohibited in the college campus.
  • Use course materials, photos and videos acceptable Islamic culture.
  • Take all necessary precautions to protect the leakage and loss of exam questions.
  • Keep focus on the quality of output.
  • Be accurate, and fair and conscious when marking exam papers and entering the marks.
  • Use the college resources and facilities effectively for the benefit of the students and community. Inappropriate use of the resources and facilities are not acceptable.
  • Refrain from accepting gifts or donations.
  • Fosters a spirit of cooperation and brotherhood among faculty members.
  • Show a high level of ethics consistent with the work ethic of the college.
  • Keep a proper and professional distance between you and the students.
  • If lecturers wish to greet students should only do handshaking (in the case of same gender). No other form of greetings can be practiced among staff and students.
  • Lab/Workshop Technicians must always wear their lab coat during class hours.

Faculty Dress Code

Oman, as a Muslim society, has a conservative approach to dress code in public. Lecturers should dressprofessionally at college. The following dress code is required

Male Female
Male Omani staff should wear the national dress, the white Dishdasha and turban Full length dress is required
Male expatriate staff members should wear short or long sleeve shirts Tops should be non-revealing, close neck and sleeves should cov er the arms to the elbows
Tattoos must be covered
Jeans are not acceptable
Black or brown shoes are essential
Jacket is optional
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