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By: Administration with inputs from Department of Engineering Posted: 9/11/2017

Computer Hardware Servicing and Network Servicing Workshops

Engineering Department has conducted a workshop on Computer Hardware Servicing for all Diploma level students last October 15, 2017 in the Computer and Networking Laboratory. The participants get a better understanding in servicing computer hardware and the use of appropriate tools. ICT-IEEE Student Chapter organized this workshop to enhance the hands-on experience and skills of students on assemble and disassemble of computer. It was conducted to improve practical knowledge and skills in computer trainers and installation of software and device drivers. The said workshop brought a wide spectrum of practical knowledge for the student-participants and motivated them to study further.

Further, to enhance the practical knowledge and skills of the students in computer networks, the ICT-IEEE Student Branch organized a workshop on Computer Network Servicing on 16th of October 2017. For Computer Engineering students, studying computer concepts is a mandatory part of the curriculum. This is intended for Advance Diploma level students to enhance their practical knowledge and skills on computer network setup, familiarize the use of computer network tools and learn the usage of computer network trainers. It was also intended for the students to motivate them to become independent learner being able to adapt to future technological development. In this modern era, communication networks are used to connect people using diversified resources. Global networking has been enhanced by the Internet which allows people to communicate and share resources.

Our staffs in Computer Engineering conducted these workshops led by Ms. Syed Amma, Lecturer from the Electrical Section assisted by the Technical staffs - Mr. Arnold Braza and Mr. Michael Dalisay.

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