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By: Educational Technology Centre with inputs from Ms. Ledilyn D. Tinio Posted: 07/02/2017

ETC Team Building Activity 2017

“Communication is a key to teamwork”, the theme for this year’s team building activity, ETC once again, set a day for building effective relationships within the team and improving team spirit.

As early as 8:00 o’clock in the morning of 4th February, 2017, ETC staff together with their family members, came in a private resort, Farm House in Wahat Al-Sharq in Al-Yahmadi, Ibra just 10 minutes away from the college. Different from the usual venues of the ETC team building activity which were quite far away from Ibra, the team chose a venue closer to the college for this year to give more time to activities and team bonding.

Headed by Mr. Robin Rohit and the HoS’s, Mr. Abdullah Muslem Al-Maskari and Mr. Majid Sulaiman Al-Mahrezi, lots of fun activities showcasing the spirit of teamwork were prepared for both staff and family members. As the group reached the place, a hearty breakfast was served.

Then the activities started by grouping the staff members into 4 teams, the Yellow, Green, Pink and Blue teams, where in, each of them will work on the activities laid to them. The activities were really fun but contrary to what others were thinking that those were just some irrelevant out of work activities, the objectives were to encourage problem solving, improve morale, enhance individual creativity, leadership skills and camaraderie among members. While the ETC staff were busy doing their activities, the family members especially the kids were also having their own activities to enjoy.

The following were the winners in each activity:

Team cheers and yells - Rank 1: Pink Team Two truths and a lie - Rank 1: Green Team Human Tic Tac Toe - Rank 1: Blue Team Scavenger Hunt - Rank 1: Yellow Team Individual Performances – Rank 1: Yellow Team Baby Shark - Rank 1: Yellow Team Office Trivia – Rank 1 – Blue Team

One team emerged as the overall winner for the activities, the yellow team. The program ended by awarding the medals to the winners and certificates of appreciation to the staff members. Exciting gifts were also given to all the kids who joined. The program ended at almost 7:00 o’clock in the evening. It’s a long tiring day with full of excitement and enthusiasm among the members. All has packed up their things and returned back home with a smile in their faces and they brought with them a thought that tomorrow is a start of another day of working with full strength as a team.

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