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By: Department of Engineering with inputs from Ms. Padma Losani Dayalan Posted: 20/03/2018

SYNERGY– 2018 – Students’ Competitions – Conducted by Shinas College of Technology

The Business Studies Department of Shinas College of Technology invited our students to participate in event, “SYNERGY– 2018", scheduled on 19th of March 2018.

The event aims at showcasing the innate talents (knowledge, skills and abilities) of students and creating a spirit of camaraderie among all the constituents of students from the various Technical Colleges in the Sultanate of Oman. This Inter-Collegiate Management Meet is to bring out the inherent talents of potential young budding managers. 11 students participated from Business Studies Department along with Dr.HKS Kumar.

Our team of students in “On the Spot Logo Competition”, Zahra and Mayya have won special award for unique idea.

There are participants from various colleges of technologies in Oman. The event paved an ideal platform for our students too to showcase their managerial talents, collaborate and compete with other students. Our students have put in their best efforts in bringing out their skills and enable them to create innovative ideas in their field of study.

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