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with inputs from Mr. Erick C. Campano 21/01/2019

A Team of ETC System Developers Attended the Oracle Seminar at Kempinski

A team of system developers from ETC attended a seminar held in Kempinski Hotel inside the The Wave in Muscat on the 16th of January 2019.

The seminar was very informative. It was set as a round table discussion. The Konference 4 (Conference room where it was held) was cosy with a setup of 4 tables and 6 chairs each. It was a very intimate seminar. The participants namely Mr. Erick C. Campano, Ms. Dolor P. Datuin, Mr. Hamood Khalfan Al-Azri and Mr. Franklin P. Christian arrived in the venue just in time as the seminar is about to start.

It started with the Welcome Speech from one of the Oracle Experts, then he proceeded with his presentation on the updated Oracle SPARC and how it fares with other server and processors available in the market. The second expert also talked about the Oracle SPARC, its Security, Performance and TCO (total cost of ownership) which highlights the security in silicon features of the Oracle SPARC. The third expert talked about Oracle PCA or Private Cloud Appliance which focuses on on-premise and private cloud as storage. The last expert discussed the new and updated ZFS Storage Appliance solution family, its importance as storage, backup and how it improves disaster recovery.

Questions were thrown to each expert as they facilitated their presentations and they answer them all gladly.

Overall it was a very informative seminar on the updates on Oracle SPARC servers and processors, on-premise and private cloud and the importance of backup storage.

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