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with inputs from Ms. Huda Harib Amur Al-Maskari 03/02/2019

ETC Participated the Seminar on Legal Legislation for Women Working in the Government Sector

Under the patronage of Dr. Khalfan Mohammad Al-Fahdi, Director General of the General Directorate for Social Development of North and South Al-Sharqiya governorates, the Department of Social Development of Ibra and in cooperation with the Omani Women's Associations of Ibra and Al-Qabil held a seminar on Legal Legislation for women working in the Government Sector on 28th of January 2019.

The seminar targeted female employees of government institutions in Willayas' of North Al-Sharqiya, as well as students from Ibra College of Technology and Al-Sharqiya University.

The seminar was presented by Ms. Sundus Mohammad Al-Rahili, Legal Researcher at the Legal Department of the Ministry of Social Development. The seminar focused on the legal provisions of the Civil Service Law for working women such as leaves, transfer, assignment, employee duties, prohibitions and other laws concerning women’s.

Inquiries and discussions culminated the seminar. The said activity was actively participated by Omani women of the center namely, Huda Al-Maskari, Naama Al-Weheibi and Jaleela Al-Maskari.

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