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Department of Engineering with inputs from Mr. Basil B. Blasco 22/05/2019

Alumni Motivational Talk Series

The Engineering Department has launched the Alumni Motivational Talk Series 2019. We have invited Engineering graduates who have been successful in their respective career to give their testimony to inspire our students.

Mr. Mohammed Yousuf Mohammed Al Maskari is our first resource speaker to give a motivational talk on Tuesday, May 21, 2019. He is graduate in Mechanical Engineering and now working as Support Engineer / Bulk Fuel Infrastructure at the Ministry of Defence.

In his talk, Mr. Mohammed shared his experiences to the students – “Do not memorize, develop critical and logical thinking,” was his big message to the audience of more than a hundred students. He mentions that students should develop their public speaking skills as well. When going for interview, Mr. Mohammed tells them to learn the basics and check the background of the company they want to apply which is available in “About the Company” column of all the company portals.

It was remarkable that the students have shown their interests as they ask questions to the resource speaker. There was a spark of enthusiasm among the students to hear a great testimony from an ICT graduate.

The Department, through our HOD, Dr. Sami Al-Ghnimi, is so grateful to our alumnus, Mr. Mohammed for coming back to his alma mater with a powerful message to inspire our young Omani Engineering students. Also, we appreciate the presence of Dr. Azzah Ahmed Said Al Maskari, College Dean, and Dr. Mohammed Rashid Hamdan Al Mamari, Asst. Dean for Academic Affairs.

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