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Department of Engineering with inputs from Engr. Mofeeda Pangadil 25/10/2018

Workshop on MATLAB programming and SIMULINK modeling

As part of the commitment of the Department of Engineering to give not only the best but a solid and substantial technical knowledge for our students, the department has conducted workshops that focus on training and enhancement programs. This semester, one of the workshops given to students is a Workshop on MATLAB programming and SIMULINK modeling conducted by Dr. Varatharaju, Dr. Praveen N., and Mr. V. Loganathan last 14-15 of October 2018, 6-8 pm at AD 304 Computer Laboratory. An additional session was also conducted on 16th of October 2018, 4-6 pm at the EE 101 Electronics Lab.

The said workshop aims to discuss topics such as Basic MATLAB commands (as introductory), 2D graphics, 3D graphics, trigonometric commands in MATLAB and straight line fitting. Student participants from Higher Diploma and Bachelor benefited on the said event as it enhances their knowledge and ability in MATLAB programming and opens them into different possible applications in Engineering.

MATLAB software is important in Engineering field especially that it is being utilized by different control systems in the industries. This workshop aided our students to deepen their understanding and use them in their future projects or another engineering related endeavor in the future.

It is a job well done to the organizers of the event, the Engineering Department Society and IEEE student chapter, ICT. Keep it up!

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