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Department of Engineering with inputs from Ms. Aileen V. Rocillo 16/12/2018

Engineering Students Won 2nd and 4th Place in Al Roya Youth Initiative Awards

The Engineering Department rejoices for having another feather in the cap as we landed Second Place and Fourth Place in the recently concluded Al-Roya Project Competition held at German University, Muscat on December 10, 2018.

Ahmed Ibrahim Qarta AL-Nahdi and Said Ali Al-Najidi who presented the project ’’Fabrication of IOT based Electrical Switch Board in Smart City Environment’’ won Second Place. The project is an Internet of things (IOT) based switch board (IOTSB) for regular power panels at domestic, commercial, industrial electrical networks with an ability of feeding the BIG DATA on the webserver (cloud) in a smart city environment. The students worked under the guidance of Mr. Pratapa R and Mr. Luisito Cabigting.

Awarded as Fourth Place, the project ”Arduino Controlled Solar Panel with Sunlight Tracking System” developed by Naser Nasser Hamad AL-Azki, Salim Mohammed Jarifa AL-Hakmani, AL-Hasan Ali Salim AL-Maskari , Salim Abdullah Al-Maskari combines free energy from the sun and stores it in the battery and then converts this energy to the relevant alternating current making it usable in ordinary homes as an independent power source. The students were supervised by Mr. Loganathan N and Mr. Rajababu.

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