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Department of Information Technology with inputs from Mr. Kumar Kaliyamoorthy 16/03/2019

IT Networking Competition 2019

On behalf of the Networking Team of the IT Department Mr. Mohammed Tauqeer Ullah and Mr. Vimal Kumar, organized an ICT Networking Competition – 2019.

The basic idea is to motivate the networking students and to make them understand that subnetting is not that difficult to understand and learn. The idea is to conduct the competition in two phases. Phase – I: A written test for 30 minutes on subnetting and Phase – II: A competition based on Packet Tracer activity which will be conducted in Summer – 2019. Regular training will also be given to the selected students, keeping in mind the competitions that can happen in and around the sultanate.

A training session for the willing students who registered for the competition was arranged and organized on 5/3/2019, on the basic subnetting techniques. The students were very happy and were willing to learn more. Subsequently Round-1 Subnetting Challenge was Conducted on 14/3/2019 and six students were shortlisted for Phase- II.

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