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Department of Information Technology with inputs from Mr. Kumar Kaliyamoorthy 27/04/2019

IT Students Presented Papers at AOU-ISRC 2019

On 24th April 2019, 8 students from ICT-IT Department presented 5 papers at 2nd International Student Research Conference (AOU-ISRC 2019) conducted by Arab Open University, Muscat.

At this juncture IT Department Congratulates all the following student participants and IT Department R&C Committee their encouragement and assistance.

SNo. Student ID Name Title
1 36J1347 36J1451 36J1479 Fatma Hamed Khater Al-Bahloli Hajar Abdullah Ali Al-Maqhusi Kareema Suliman AL-Rahbi Wearable Vision Assistance Device for Vision Impaired People
2 36S134 46S1381 36J1459 Aisha Nasser Alrasbi Ghalia Bakhet Alrajhi Hajar Rajab Al-Awidi Vehicle Road Obstacles Early Warning Device
3 36J15112 36S14100 36S14108 Afrah Ahmed Bani Oraba Rahma Ahmed Al-Salmi Suad Salim Al-Musharrafi Vehicle Parking Inquiry System through Internet of Things
4 36S16136 36J1633 36J1684 36S161858 36S162310 Aaisha Ali Salim Al-Alawiya Hanan Ali Saliem Al-Kasbi Maryam Salman Khamis Al-Masruri Safiya Ali Abdallah Nasser Al Sawafi Smart wearable device for the blind using IoT
5 361483 36S1441 36S1440 Huda said alhabsi Shayma Ali Saif Alwahaibi Jehad said alburtmani Smart Cylinder gas monitoring system
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