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with inputs from Industrial Link Committee 15/10/2020

5G Live: Webinar – "Get in-depth knowledge about future Generation Technology and designing of 5G business strategy"

Eng. Mahmood Omar Alzadjali is currently leading the Quality of Service and Universal Service department in the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority was invited to present a webinar entitled “Get in-depth knowledge of future Generation Technology and designing of 5G business strategy” on 13-1020 at zoom platform around 6.30 pm[GST].

The speaker has 17 years of experience in the Telecom Sector and holds a Master of Business Administration from Bedfordshire in the UK (2008), and a Bachelor degree in Telecommunications Engineering Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology (USA- 2002).

On behalf of Industrial Link committee, Engineering and OJT department, this event was Organized by Mr. Mohamed Syed Ibrahim OJT coordinator.

After the welcome speech by Organizer, the presenter started the session with an icebreaker session to make participants to understand the need of 5G communications for the future generation. The workshop also provided insight into the following areas:

  • Generations of Mobile Tech
  • General leap every 10 years
  • 5G flexibility
  • The main specifications of the fifth generation from the International Telecommunication Union[ITU]
  • 5G Usage scenarios
  • Enhanced Mobile BroadBand (eMBB)
  • Massive Machine Type Communications(mMTC)
  • Ultra-Reliable and Low-Latency Communications (URLLC)
  • 5G Values and Enhanced mobile broadband capabilities
  • Growth of 5G subscribers and Mobile data rate
  • Mobile market in MENA [GCC Arab states]
  • 5G as fixed wireless access and Cost reduction in FWA
  • Operators of FWA using 5G
  • 5G Challenges – Infrastructure, Frequency Band and Spectrum
  • 5G Commercial Launch and Edge Computing
  • 5G: Stand-Alone (SA) vs. Non-Stand-Alone (NSA)
  • Buzzwords- IoT,Big Data, Artificial Intelligence
  • Future Technology Implementations
  • Applications- production, automotive, health care, and energy

Followed by the question and answer session which encourages the participants to explore in details about the background, logic and technical concepts used in 5G Technology. Participants were engaged and inspired to pursue similar webinars in the future also. As per the request of organizer, the guest speaker was so happy to share his prepared PowerPoint presentation to all of our students for their future learning.

Mr. Ibrahim delivered the closing remarks and appreciated the participants and thanked the guest speaker for sparing his valuable time with our students. He took a great opportunity to thank the College Dean Dr. Azzah Ahmed Said Al-Maskari & Assistant Dean of Academics Dr. Mohammed Rashid Hamdan Al Mamari, Assistant dean student affairs Dr. Fatma Nasser Maso'ud Al-Harthy HOD Engineering Dr. Sami Al-Ghnimi & also HOD OJT Ms. Aida AL Sabti for their motivation and encouragement towards the conduct of such Live webinars. The feedback of the event was collected from the participation after the webinar. Totally 35 participants joined the event which includes OJT students and prospective graduates. The resource speaker was honored by an appreciation Certificate from the University of Technology and Applied Sciences - Ibra.

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