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with inputs from Industrial Link Committee 13/10/2019

ICT Alumni View On Exploring Career in Electrical Power Plant Engineering

Industrial link committee of Engineering conducted a workshop on Explore Career in Electrical power plant engineering on 10-8-2019, at Main Hall.

The speaker of this program was Mr. Ali Salim Fadhil Al Maskari – ICT Alumni & Engineer at Alkamil Power station.

The purpose of this program was to give an understanding and importance of the concept “Power plant”.

The Plant Engineer, explained about power production and transmission, understanding current market scenarios and latest technology of the gas turbines power plants. He also explained about the dynamics of electrical and various mechanical components such as; compressor, gas turbine, firing chamber, air and water cooling systems and the fuel supply systems.

This session helped students in understanding the on converting idea into innovation and encouraged them to participate. 40 students from engineering departments attended this program. According to the feedbacks, students are willing to attend this type of seminars and workshops, due to influences on their thinking through seeing other people's experiences.

This event was facilitated by Mr. Mohamed Syed Ibrahim, Dr. Mahsul Nusratullah, Mr. Paul Saji Kocheril Antony, Mr. Suguvanam Janakiraman and Mr. Praveen Ragi from Educational Technology Centre.

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