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with inputs from Mohamed Syed Ibrahim 24/09/2020

Online Seminar on EMI/EMC Technologies for Industrial IOT Platform

On the Job training department organized a webinar entitled “EMI/EMC technologies for Industrial IOT” on 23 September 2020 Wednesday (10 am to 12 noon) at zoom platform.

The resource person for the webinar was Dr Gunasekaran Thangavel, Program Director (Telecommunications Engineering), EEE section, Engineering Department, University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.

This event was planned according to the recommendations of Dr.Fatma Al Harthy,Assistant dean student affairs and Ms.Aida AL Sabti,HOD OJT and it was facilitated and Organized by Mr.M.Mohamed syed Ibrahim,OJT coordinator,Engineering department.

Our Honorable Guests Dr Gunasekaran Thangavel [20 years of Teaching Experience] was welcomed by Mr.Mohamed syed Ibrahim and the speaker was given special privilege to share his views and experiences on IOT and he acted as an eye opener for the participants on the dark sides of Industrial IOT. He also sharpened the thoughts of our students with his fantastic presentation & the key topics during the session were highlighted and as follows:

  • Introduction – EMI/EMC in IoT
  • IoT and Industry 4.0 applications
  • Industry 4.0: Internet technologies
  • Wireless & IoT EMC – Introduction & Challenges
  • Computational Electromagnetics (CEM)
  • Commercial CEM SOFTWARE
  • EMC testing – Case study
  • Key Challenges to Choose IoT devices
  • Electromagnetic problems in Industry 4.0 applications
  • Digital twin approach
  • EMI/EMC in Aircrafts
  • Integrating digital twins -Electromagnetic simulation
  • Inferences
  • Future of Wireless & IoT EMI/EMC Testing
  • A great enthusiasm in a wide cross section among the participants were noticed. It was remarkable that the participants have shown their interests as they ask questions to the resource speaker by the initiative of organizer.

    Finally vote of thanks was presented by Mr. Mohamed Syed Ibrahim who took an opportunity to thank college Dean & Assistant Dean of Academics, Assistant dean student affairs and also HOD Engineering & HOD OJT. The feedback of the event was collected from the participation after the webinar. Totally 58 participants joined the event which includes Teachers research scholars and students from various countries like Oman, India, Malaysia and Qatar. The resource speaker thanked and he was honored by an appreciation Certificate from the University of Technology and Applied Science, Ibra College of Technology.

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