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with inputs from Mr. Mujeebudheen Khan 12/11/2019

Hands on Training in Packet tracer

Hands on Training in Packet tracer was conducted successfully by Engineering Dept for computer science students on 5-11-2019.

A total of 9 students attended the training section. This event helped students to acquire knowledge in various networking concepts. This event covered important topics of computer networking and data communication such as designing of LAN, topology, devices used in Networking and configuring them. This training enabled students to know about the packet tracer. They were briefed about Ciscos various certifications needed for their career.

They were also given Hands on Experience to design LAN, there by acquiring knowledge about various topologies, assigning ipaddresses to machines, working with switches and routers and to familiarize the commands used in Routers. The event was conducted by Mr.Mujeebudheen khan, Dr.Amjath Ali and Mr.Syed Zakir.

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