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with inputs from Mr. Mujeebudheen Khan 01/12/2019

Training on Total Station

Training on total station was conducted on 19/11/2019 (TUESDAY 08.00-10.00 AM) by engineering Department.

The purpose of the training is to enable the students to get a good hand on total station. The total station plays a vital role in projects related to Architecture and Civil engineering. The demonstration was given to the students on the working of total station. This training will help students in handling the projects of their own. Later they were assisted by the facilitator to take the readings and to have a better practical understanding.

The training program covered the practical demonstration of working of Total station. The students were given chance to use the equipment themselves making them confident. The training programs conducted mainly focused to give them idea about the working of the Total station. Later they were given time to handle it themselves..This event was conducted by Mr Mohammad Fozail Ahmad

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