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with inputs from Mr. D. Thomas 28/10/2019

Academic Advising Workshop

The Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs of IBRA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY, Dr. Mohammed Rashid Hamdan Al Mamari gave a workshop on the title ‘Academic Advising’ on 22 October 2019 in ELC Main Hall at 12 noon for the staff of Information Technology.

The workshop covered following:

  • Importance of Academic Advising in Teaching Learning scenario.
  • Insisted the staff to minimize the number of probation students by a follow up and proper monitoring.
  • Advised the staff to maintain a proper communication and rapport among the advisees and reminded the importance of motivation while doing so.
  • Insisted the staff to follow the action plan for academic advising properly, there by influence the students for the tutorial registration for the needed courses.
  • Reminded the staff about the one to one counselling plan and the efficient usage of ADTRAC system.
  • Insisted the staff to follow up the attendance and performance of their advisees if they are under probation.

The session was concluded by sharing the experiences of Ms Mallika and Ms Jaishree in the area of academic advising. The HoD of the department Ms. Faiza Al Harthy motivate the staff to do the needful in advising area for the better results. The workshop was more informative and effective.

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