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with inputs from Mr. D. Thomas 11/06/2020

Math Lessons in GeoGebra with Moodle Integration

The staff development committee of the IT Department conducted a workshop on the title Math Lessons in GeoGebra with Moodle Integration on 10th June 2020 via MS Teams at 10 am. The Resource person was Mr. Monro Dominise.

He briefed all the staff members (Mathematics section of the IT department) about the following:

The Presentation-Workshop was a Fully-Online and Step-By-Step Training on how to utilize a Web-Based and Cloud-Based Tool and Application for Math Teaching and Learning. In this SDC Webinar, the teacher-trainees will learn the 4 Ways or Techniques of Creating a Math Activity from the millions of free and open resources in the GeoGebra software. Mainly, this Remote Learning Class is a presentation and workshop for tutors on how to create and re-use GeoGebra Math Applets and Activities and integrate them into Learning Management System (LMS) Moodle in order to enhance the interactive, visual and simulation methods of delivering Math Lessons whether teaching online, face-to-face or blended technology.

As a whole the workshop was more interactive, informative and effective.

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