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with inputs from Mr. D. Thomas 31/10/2019

IT Staff attended “Global Careers In Cyber Security – The Importance Of Skills And Education”

On 29th October, SQU- Muscat hosted a seminar on “Global Careers In Cyber Security – The Importance Of Skills And Education”.

Dr.Henry Pearson –UK is the keynote speaker. Dr. Pearson said that anyone with a background in computer science, electrical engineering or mathematics could start a career in cyber security. “However, when it comes to advanced research in cyber security people with background in a wide range of disciplines such as economics, psychology, sociology, international relations and criminology are involved. There is a need to increase the number of people interested and who have the right aptitude in pursuing a career in cyber security and doing research in the field.

In the UK, 10 academic centers of excellence are specialized in cyber security research. A number of reputed universities in the UK are offering certified degrees in cyber security. Four research units offer advanced research facilities in cyber security research and three centers offer doctoral training facility in the area of cyber security”, he added.

IT Staff members Dr. Vimal Kumar and Mr. Ramesh attended the event. The sessions were very informative.

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