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with inputs from Mr. D. Thomas 26/01/2020

IQAC-Strategic Plan 2019-2024 Awareness

The IQAC and SDC of the IT Department in coordination with the QA Department conducted a workshop on the title ‘IQAC-Strategic Plan 2019-2024 Awareness’ on 23 January 2020 in IT302 at 2pm.

The Resource person was Dr. Srinivasan Ramamurthy from Quality Department of ICT. The presenter started the workshop with a meaningful quote stated by Stephen.R.Corey. He briefed all the staff members about:

  1. Meaning of Strategic Planning
  2. Definition of Strategic Plan
  3. The Planning Hierarchy of Strategic Plan
  4. Strategic Planning Process
  5. Formulation of Strategic Plan
  6. Inputs-The review of 2013-18 Strategic Plan Achievement
  7. Committees
  8. Mentioned about the workshops conducted for review and development of strategic plan
  9. Strategic Plan’s implementation at ICT
  10. The Strategic Plan 2019-24 : status
  11. Vision and Mission statements
  12. Values
  13. Graduate Attributes
  14. Goals
  15. ICT Strategic Plan 2019-24
  16. Use Strategic Plans elements
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