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with inputs from Ms. Rubylyn R. Padillo 21/11/2019

ICT Skills Competition 2019 Elimination Round

The department of Information Technology held the Elimination Round of ICT SKILLS COMPETITION (ICTSC 2019) on the 19th of November, 2019.

There four Skills included in the competition were Programming, Networking, Web and Graphics Designing Skills and 63 Students have registered online. Walk-in students were also accepted who registered and attended at the time of the elimination round.

There were 82 total participations in all skills with the details below:

  • Programming Skills with 29 students
  • Networking Skills with 20 students
  • Web Designing Skills with 17 students
  • Graphics Designing Skills with 16 students

The competition aims to select qualifying students to represent the department in many external competitions.

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