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with inputs from Mr. D. Thomas 11/09/2019

Teaching and Learning Workshop

The IT Department of IBRA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY conducted a workshop on the title "Teaching & Learning" on 19th September 2019 in Main Hall at 12 noon for all the academic staff.

The Resource person was Dr.Hafedh Al Shihi ,Associate Professor at the college of Economics and Political Science in Sultan Qaboos University.

The presenter highlighted the topic as "Smart Education Make Education Interesting Again". The presentation covered following topics:

  • Improvisation of social media in daily life and educational system
  • How to make the course delivery in an interesting way?
  • Digital Gap
  • Social media in Research
  • Digital leadership
  • Advantage of twitter assignments & Hashtag
  • Industry –led case studies
  • Live streaming lectures (MOOCs)
  • You Tubing (Tech Reviews)
  • How to create Instagram & twitter accounts?
  • which way teachers can productively use them all for students.

The session was very much informative.

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