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Business Studies Web Committee 17/06/2021

Webinar on Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Omani Market

Webinar on ‘Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Omani Market’ was conducted for Entrepreneurship students of UTAS-Ibra on 25 May 2021 at 12.00 Noon using MS Teams as the platform.

Mr. Abdullah Al Barashdi, Vic President of Oman Academic for SMEs was the resource person for the webinar. The presenter explained about the current situations on covid-19 and how it affects the global economic situation including the Omani market.

Due to this global pandemic, the presenter discussed that many SMEs have not able to withstand in the market and few of them are closing. On the contrary, he added, “Although the covid-19 has limited some of the entrepreneurial opportunities in Omani market, it opens others”. He presented some examples of opportunities that will start flourishing in the Omani market such as online and logistic businesses. In addition, he presented the most required skills to spot the market opportunities such as, creativity, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, communication, leadership, decision making, technical skills and flexibility.

At the end, the presenter encouraged the students to be optimistic and think entrepreneurially on how to overcome the current situation of covid-19 by using their knowledge to create new promising opportunities. The workshop was concluded with question and answer session.

-with inputs from Joshi Raghavan Edassery, Accounting and Finance Section
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