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Renewable Energy Professional Team 06/07/2021

Engineering Held Workshop on Design and Analysis of Grid and Off-Grid Renewable Energy Systems

The Renewable Energy Professional Team from Engineering Department successfully organized an online workshop entitled Workshop on Design and Analysis of Grid and Off-Grid Renewable Energy Systems. It was held last Tuesday, 29th of June 2021, from 12:00-1:30 PM via MS teams. It was participated by our Diploma, Advanced Diploma, and Bachelor level students in Engineering.

It aimed to enhance the skills of our students related to Renewable Energy. Discussions include calculations and estimations of suitable numbers and sizes of PV Modules and the combinations with other types of renewable energy sources (Wind, Biomass, and Biogas) at the domestic level. The activity also enabled the participants to improve the design skills of the grid and Off-grid renewable energy systems by using the open-source” HOMER PRO” software.

Mrs. Santhoshi. K, Lecturer in Electrical and Electronics section of Engineering Department, UTAS-Ibra was the resource speaker. During the session, Mrs. Santoshi explained thoroughly the concepts related to the calculation and selection of appropriate numbers and sizes of all the major equipment required in designing the SPV power system integrated with the grid and off-grid. The speaker focused on the design aspects of hybrid renewable energy systems, their comparison, and cost analysis with the help of Homer pro software to meet the power demand with reliability.

At the end of the event, Mr. Raja Babu and Mr. Hameed Shaik, hosts of the event, delivered a message of appreciation to the speaker and the closing remarks.

-with Inputs from Mujeebhudeen Khan, Electronics and Electrical section
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