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with inputs from Shiekh Tariq Mohmad 23/12/2020

Awareness on Staff Related Policies for ETC Staff

Staff Development & Staff Support Committee (SDSSC) in Educational Technology Centre (ETC) conducted an awareness program on staff-related policies on the following topics:

  • Staff Recruitment
  • Staff Induction
  • Professional or Staff Development
  • Staff Attendance
  • Staff Grievance
  • Staff Performance Appraisal

Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the program was held through MS Teams on 2nd December 2020 from 11 AM.

The speakers on the topics were Ms. Elsie V. Isip, Staff Development & Staff Support Committee (SDSSC) Leader, and Mr. Erick C. Campano, Team Coordinator for Staff Development Team & Center’s Quality Assurance Coordinator.

The objective of the program was to enhance awareness and knowledge of ETC staff about Staff-Related Policies. Moreover, it will also promote a productive workplace experience and camaraderie among staff.

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