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with inputs from OJT & Industry Link Committee 17/12/2020

Inspiring Students Through An Alumni Experience

A webinar was organized by OJT & Industry link committee IT department. It was conducted on 26th October 2020 through the online platform MS Teams Live Webinar from 08.30 AM to 09:30 AM by Mr. Khalid Al Ziedi, IT Support Engineer, e-Visa, ROP, Muscat who is an alumna.

42 students attended the program and they were motivated by the presence of our alumni to share his experience.

Mr. Khalid Al Ziedi explained how a good CV helps the students to impress the employers and get priorities in the various industries.

Some of the topics which are highlighted and discussed during the webinar are as follows:

  • How to face challenge comes during the study in college
  • How the students should make their good CV
  • He has highlighted that a good CV is essential to get a good job
  • He has emphasized that the candidates who short-listed and successful during the recruitment process; always made a good CV with covering letter
  • He has discussed about the job search platforms for the students to apply for the jobs

The students were enlightened by the webinar and were much enthused in learning more on facing challenges, writing good CV and apply for the job.

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