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Business Studies Department 22/06/2022

Reshaping Employees Experiences in the Current Pandemic Time

Department of Business Studies of University and Technology-Ibra organized guest lecture for the Diploma Second year level, Human Resource Management students on the topic “Reshaping employee’s experiences in the current pandemic time” for the course Recruitment and Selection.

Dr. Ruby Sengar, Sr. Assistant Professor at Jaypee University, Noida was the guest speaker for the above said topic on 20th June 2022. This webinar provided detailed information on employee experience in the pandemic time and how HR needs to focus on helping the employees to come out of these traumatic experiences.

The speaker explained this in more details the factors that contributes to a positive employee experience and the core components of employee experiences that will help them to enhance their career life. She enlightened the students by comparing the employee experience before and after Covid19. The webinar concluded with question-and-answer session.

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