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Department of Engineering 12/12/2021

Workshop on PV System Design & Implementation to Domestic Load

Department of Engineering conducted Workshop on PV System Design & Implementation to Domestic Load on 16th November 2021.

Twenty members (20) out of which Fifteen (15) students and Five (5) staffs participated in workshop session held online through MS Teams in NL105.

This workshop aims at training people in PV System design and installation for Domestic Load. The program is useful for entrepreneurs and engineers working in the Solar Energy area. The program also benefits engineers in various disciplines like electrical, electronics, mechanical, and computer.

Mr. Sreekanth N started the workshop introducing broadly the concepts of Solar Energy Potential, Role of Solar PV and policies in Oman, Solar Radiation, Solar PV Modules, types of PV Modules, Solar Battery technologies, Charge controller, Solar PV inverters, Types of Solar PV systems, Solar PV system design , World Solar Energy Scenario and Oman Perspective.

An example of small household scenario with bulb and fan was considered for load calculations. As per the load solar PV system design calculations is made along with number of panels, battery capacity, Inverter rating etc. It was followed by Mr. Rajababu, who explained the importance of solar energy, and need to move to alternate source.

An activity sheet was shared to the participants. Mr. Mohammed Gulam Wahid and Mr. Markandan Rengasamy assisted the students during the event. The activity helped them in solving load calculations to design required Solar PV System. The recordings and hand-out materials were also shared to the students for their future reference.

The event was organized by Mr. Sreekanth N, Mr. Rajababu, Mr. Hameed, Mr. Mohammed Gulam Wahid and Mr. Markandan Rengasamy Muthusamy.

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