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Staff Development Committee 10/10/2021

Staff Webinar on Stress - A Powerful Driving Force, Not an Obstacle

In coordination with UTAS-Ibra Business Department, the Staff Development Committee of the Engineering Department conducted a webinar on “'Stress - A Powerful Driving Force, Not an obstacle” last September 23, 2021, from 10 AM to 11:00 AM through MS Teams.

The resource persons were Dr. Nithya Ramachandran & Dr. Edukondala Rao Jetti. Both are Lecturers from the Business Department, UTAS-Ibra.

The speakers delivered a powerful talk on the topic covering many aspects of stress. According to them, people always consider stress as a negative factor. From their discussions, they turn it into an asset and can be used positively for better outcomes. They discussed the techniques on how to do positive stress management and even presented cases undergone by known personalities on how they beat stress.

After the presentation, a brief Q&A followed. Interesting questions and scenarios were asked by the participants and responded well by the speakers.

Before ending, Dr. Prathapa Raju Moola delivered his message of appreciation and presented a Certificate of Appreciation to the speakers.

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