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University Health Safety and Environment Committee 22/06/2022

Campus Visit on Safety Awareness

A campus visit on safety awareness was organized by the university health safety and environment committee on 14.06.2022 at 12:00 P.M. as per the recommendations of Dr. Abdullah Khalfan Al Azri UTAS-HSEC chairman.

18 students from the Business, ELC, and IT departments participated in the visit. The students were taken to the mechanical workshop and electrical workshop. In the mechanical workshop, Mr. Salim Obaid Salim Al Talaii and Mr. Muntasar Nasser Aamir Al Manji have explained the hazards related to various machines, the workplace, and the respective safety devices and procedures to be followed. The students were taken around the workshop. In the electrical workshop, Mr. Bhanu Kiran Kondakavili made the students aware of various hazards related to electricity present around them in the day to day life and the respective precautionary measures and various safety devices.

The students interacted with the presenters and clarified their doubts. The visit was coordinated by the university health safety and environment committee in collaboration with engineering department health and safety group members.

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