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IT Student Guidance Committee 14/02/2022

Course Project Orientation

Student Guidance Committee of IT department conducted a student development program titled “Course Project Orientation” on 8th February 2022 as two sessions (12 – 1 for SE and 1 – 2 for Networking) in IT302.

The speakers of this program are Mr. Antonio Manalang (Hos-IT) and Mr. Senthil Jayapal (Level coordinator - Course Project/ IT)

The purpose of this program was to give an understanding on the Goals, Objectives, Outcomes and Guidelines of course project. In addition, to explain about Project flow chart, Action plan, Attendance policy, plagiarism policy and project competitions. They discussed all forms related to course project such as declaration, Ethics statement, Approval, Assessment and Rubrics.

There were a total of 59 students (24 from Software Development and 35 from Networking specialization) attended this program. The attendees were Diploma Second year students who are studying course project in the current semester.

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