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IT Staff Development Committee 06/01/2022

Exploring Python Programming for Mathematical Application

The staff development committee of Information Technology department organized four days live workshop.

The title of the program was "Exploring Python Programming for Mathematical Applications”. It was conducted on Thursdays from 2nd December 2021 to 23rd December 2021 via live sessions on MS Teams between 2.00 PM to 3.00 PM.

The resource persons were Dr. Venkatasubramanian Sivaprasatham, Msc.(Math),MCA, M.Phil(Comp.Sc.,) PhD.,(Computer Science and Applications), Information Technology Department of UTAS – Nizwa and Ms. Sudha Sakthivel, Information Technology Department of UTAS – Muscat.

The webinar was very interactive, informative and practically covered broad areas about python programming for mathematical applications such as Introducing Python Programming environment using Jupyter notebook, Operations on matrices using Python programming, Newton-Raphson problem solving using Python programming, Recursive algorithm & program correctness and Recurrence relation & modelling problems.

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