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Business Studies Department 24/10/2022

The Capital Market and its Role in the Development of the Economy

With the objective of raising awareness of financial education and enhancing the importance of investment, on the 11th October 2022 from 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM, workshop titled ‘Capital Market and its Role in the Development of the Economy’ was held by the Capital Market Authority (CMA) in cooperation with the College of Economics and Business Studies in University of Technology and Applied Sciences- Ibra in the English Language Center Hall.

The workshop covered three major areas, namely investment tools in the field of securities, opportunities for the development of endowment funds in the stock market and crowdfunding platforms. The workshop was presented by the economist Dr. Ahmed bin Saeed Kashoub and the legal researcher Mr. Majid Al-Hashimi. The workshop was attended by 120 participants from the public and private sectors, university members including students, and staff members.

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