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Engineering Department 25/09/2022

UTAS-Ibra participated in TRC Falling Walls Lab, Oman

Ms. Sara Mohammed Abdallah Al-Alawi and Dr. Gopikrishna Pasam with the guidance from Dr. Sami Al- Ghnimi and Dr. K. Shamganth. The Engineering Department of UTAS-Ibra submitted their innovative idea “ENERGY HARVESTING FROM THE MODERN HOMES” and got selected amongst the top 20 local competitors in the Falling Walls Lab Oman competition.

On 19th September Ms. Sara successfully presented the innovative idea at Innovation Park, TRC, Muscat.

As an incentive, they were able to secure temporary intellectual protection from National Intellectual Property Office of the Ministry of Commerce in Muscat (ROI). This 6-month IP protection will enable our Engineering team to continue with their study and enhance their research without any fear of possible duplication of any form.

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