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Industry and Community Engagement Committee 03/01/2023

AUTOCAD Engineering Design Workshop

The Industry and community engagement committee has integrated with the department of Engineering and has arranged two days’ outreach program on AUTOCAD engineering design on 14/12/2022 and 21/12/2022.

The Mechanical Engineering section has a continuous technical storming session on the Mechanical and Architecture field of expertise and training programs to empower the graduates of Mechanical, Civil Engineering, and Architecture. The main objective of the program mainly focused on the way of conveying ideas through the systematic lines on the paper to drawing using AutoCAD. The purpose was to facilitate Architecture graduates to upgrade their skills in accountability of software design.

The assertive mechanism of training on AUTOCAD engineering design was encouraging the Architect to involve and create more designs that are precise and manipulate them virtually. The program has a phase of replacing manual design drafting, allowing design development, alteration, and optimization. The beneficiaries have come from different sectors like the ministry of housing, ministry of education, and university of technology and applied science Ibra teaching staff.

The outcome of the training program was achieved and the participants were satisfied. The program has been identified to continue in the future with the direction of the Industry and community engagement committee. Facilitators: Ms. Nawal Dammak, Ms. Jainul Arrifa, and Mr. Sultan Al Musalhi were the facilitators.

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